Throughout the past twenty-five years, the Memorial House has become the worthy home of Bartok's art: his works for piano, chamber music pieces and classic compositions, that may once have been played between these walls during his life, are now regularly interpreted by the most prominent Hungarian artists in the concert hall. Moreover, his spirit is worthily represented by the music events presenting the latest contemporary compositions and the introduction of the most eminent young musical entrants.

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The 120-seat event room on the second floor regularly houses concerts, master classes, lectures, film presentations, talks on music and other events. The room is equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia devices, and also houses a concert grand piano for solo and chamber music performances. The round "theatron" in the garden is a venue for open-air concerts.


February - May, 2017


6 pm Tursday, 9 February

Piano recital by Balázs Fülei - „The Piano - closely”

"On the way of Orpheus"

Mozart: Fantasy D minor - K. 397
Schubert: Sonata A major - D 959

- Joint concert with the Jakobi Koncert Kft -



11 am Saturday, 21 March

for kindergarteners and for juniors

„Sounding from Brass Depth..”

Tuba Quartet:
Gábor Adamik, Gergely Lukács
András Pék and József Török

Organizer and hostess of the concerts:
Dóra Szalóczy music teacher

Entry: HUF 1500
free for children (under age 6)


6 pm Saturday, 25 March

Concert by Andrea Meláth (Mezzo)
and Csaba Király (piano) on the 136th birthday of Béla Bartók


B. Marcello – Bartók: Sonata B major
I. Lento
II. Allegro non troppo
III. Allegro
IV. Maestoso

Four Slovak Folk Songs

1. Lányát az anya férjhez úgy adta (Thus sent the mother)
2. Havasi legelon (Where the alps soar so free)
3. Enni, inni van csak kedved (Food and drink's thy only pleasure)
4. Szóljon a duda már (Bagpipe shall be playing)

Selection from the folk songs collected by Bartók

Eight Hungarian Folk Songs

1. Fekete fod, fehér az én zsebkendom (Black is the Earth)
2. Istenem, istenem, áraszd meg a vizet (My God, My God, Make the River Swell)
3. Asszonyok, asszonyok (Wives, Let Me Be One of Your Company)
4. Annyi bánat az szívemen (So Much Sorrow Lies in My Heart)
5. Ha kimegyek arr' a magos tetore (If I Climb Yonder Hill)
6. Töltik a nagyerdo útját (They Are Mending the Great Forest Highway)
7. Eddig való dolgom a tavaszi szántás (Up to Now My Work Was Plowing in the Springtime)
8. Olvad a hó, csárdás kis angyalom (The Snow is Melting)

Rhapsody op. 1 (BB36a, 1904)

Emcee: Máté Hollós

Entry: HUF 2500; student: HUF 1500


11 am Saturday, 1 April

Piano recital by Daniel Mújica Ayuso
Máté Milán Tomasz (violoncello)

Instructorr: András Kemenes

Beethoven: Sonata C major - op. 53.
Mendelssohn: Sonata D major for violoncello and piano - op. 58.
Schumann: Fantasy C major - op. 17

Entry free


6 pm Tursday, 6 April

Piano recital by Fülöp Ránki
(Works by F. Liszt)

Angelus! –Ima az õrangyalokhoz

Vallée d' Obermann

- 1. Andante con moto, E major
- 2. Un poco più mosso, E-dúr
- 3. Lento placido, D flat major
- 4. Quasi adagio, D flat major
- 5. Andantino, E major
- 6. Allegretto sempre cantabile, E major

Chapelle de Guillaume Tell

Five Piano Pieces
- 1. Sehr langsam, E major
- 2. Lento assai, A flat major
- 3. Sehr langsam, F sharp major
4. Andantino, F sharp major
5. Sospiri! –Andante

Les cloches de Geneve – nocturne

- Joint concert with the Jakobi Koncert Kft -



11 am Saturday, 8 April

for kindergarteners and for juniors

Becoming acquainted with the woodwind instruments

Concordia Wind-Quartet:
Veronika Oross (flute)
Krisztina Szélpál (oboe)
Rudolf Szitka (clarinet)
Gábor Tóth (horn)
Zoltán Kovács (bassoon)

Organizer and hostess of the concerts:
Dóra Szalóczy music teacher

Entry: HUF 1500
free for children (under age 6)


11 am Saturday, 15 April

Matinee Concert by the Semmelweis String Quartet

Dr. László Kelemen, Dr. György Székely (hegedű),
Dr. Gyula Ostoros (mélyhegedű), Dr. Richard Asbóth (gordonka)

Dr. György Konrád (viola)
Gabriella Szentpéteri (piano)

Mozart: String-quartet G major KV 156
Haydn: String-quartet D minor op. 42. Hob.: III:43
Mozart: Piano Concerto A major KV 414

Entry: HUF 1500

2nd International Four Hand Piano Competition 2017

4 pm Sunday, 7 May

Gala Concert by the "Gold Winners" and "Awarded for Excellence" selected from 260 participants, organized at the Eszterházy University in Eger

Jury members:
Imre Rohmann, Tünde Kurucz, János Balázs, Erika Becht, Zsolt Farkas, Andrea Várnagy and András Doncsev, vice-president of National Cultural Fund

Entry free


11 am Sunday, 21 May

Presentation and Concert

Michel Sogny's Teaching Method

Leader teacher: Gabriella Szentpéteri

Entry: HUF 1500


6 pm Thursday, 25 May

Concert by the Egri & Pertis Duet

Bach: Suite D major – Gavotte I. and II. No. 3 BWV 1066
- Mazurka, op. 10, No. 4
- Rondo op. 60, No. 8

(Older) Johann Strauss:
- Viennese Kreuzer Polka op. 220
- Venetian Gallop, op. 74

Gershwin: By Strauss („The Show Is On”)

- Rialto Ripples – Rag
- Sweet and Low-Down
- 3 Preludes

Jenő Pertis: Family music No. 1 (Sonata)

Leó Weiner: Dance of Faires op. 10 – from the accompany music
to the work of Vörösmarty's "Csongor and Tünde"

Count Imre Széchenyi: Hungarian Fantasy

Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No 14. – „Hungarian Fantasy”

Entry: HUF 2000

„Only from clean source(s)!”

6 pm Saturday, 27 May

Concert by the Anima Musicae Chamber Orchestra

Chamber works by Béla Bartók and Leoš Janáček
- Czech-Moravian and Hungarian Folksongs

Katalin Szvorák (folk voice), Bernadett Domány,
Gábor Németh (violin), Péter Váray (violoncello),
Zsófia Váray-Major (piano)

Art Budapest Quartet:

G. Horváth László, Vajda Barbabás (hegedű),
Bartók Tamás (mélyhegedű), Stoll Péter (gordonka)

Bartók: For Children - selection (transcribed by Ede Zathureczky)
Hungarian folksongs
Bartók: 5 movements from the 44 Violin Duos
Bartók: Rhapsody No. 1 (violoncello, piano)

Leos Janáček: Presto
Czech-Moravian folksongs
Leoš Janáček: String Quartet No. 2 „Listy důvěrné” (Confident letters)

Emcee: Endre Olsvay

Entry: HUF 1500


4 pm Saturday, 10 June

Presentation concert by the "Sound-Rose" Piano School

Guest artist: Endre Hegedûs (piano)

Emcee: Balázs Juhász, piano teacher


Date and program are subject to change.
Tickets available at the venue of the concert.

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Complete Piano Works by Béla Bartók on Bartók's Bösendorfer Piano